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Structural Welder

SC Steel

Reports to

Fabrication Shop Supervisor

Purpose/Mission (Role)

Welds, cuts, & grinds material to meet AWS D1.1 & D1.8 codes in a safe and efficient manner while maintaining high quality. Performs at a highly proficient and independent level in order to achieve the set goals for safety, quality, delivery, and cost.


  • Safety – Achieve the goal of zero accidents by using all protective equipment assigned and operating in a safe manner per CMC Structural policies. Suggest ideas to improve safety.  Report immediately all accidents and cooperate fully with all accident investigations.
  • Quality – Produce fabricated pieces in lines with customer orders and detail drawings; and ensure that parts function/fit within specified parameters via testing and/or quality control checks before they are moved to the next operation.
  • Schedule – Meet delivery dates promised to customers by performing operations on time and in an efficient manner.
  • Efficiency – Minimize manufacturing costs by using time, materials, and equipment effectively. Suggest ways to reduce costs and optimize efficiency.


Pay will be established based upon the candidate’s individual qualifications and history of performance and pay.  Hourly Non-Exempt.

Minimum Requirements


High School Diploma or GED


Three or more years of related activities, including layout or welding.


  • Ability to read and understand weld symbols, prequalified weld designations, and Weld Procedure Specifications (WPS) .
  • Ability to work with mathematical concepts such as fundamentals of plane and solid geometry and trigonometry.
  • Use of judgement to plan, perform, and make decisions as to the sequences of set-ups, operations, and processes within the limitations of recognized or standard methods and procedures.
  • Use of judgement to sequence welds in order to maximize efficiency and minimize weld distortion.
  • Understands the concepts of protected zones for seismic weld applications.

Desired Traits

  • Good mechanical aptitude
  • Organizational skills
  • Knowledge of all aspects of the associated technical disciplines, including welding, machine operation, material identification, etc.
  • Self starter – able to work alone and in groups to accomplish goals.
  • Ability to interpret data to come to conclusions when all of the information is not available

General Tools Required

  • Welding hood
  • Wire snips and pliers
  • Adjustable crescent wrench
  • Allen pack wrenches
  • Screwdriver set

Specific Tasks Include

  • Preheat steel according to instructions, WPS, or AWS specifications.
  • Perform welds to specification including size, profile, length, and finish. Clean and grind welds as appropriate.
  • Use backing bar and run-off tabs as appropriate to complete welds to specifications.
  • Use temperature indicators to determine proper preheat and inter-pass temperatures.
  • Use carbon arc devices and grinders to back gouge welds as necessary to complete welds per specifications.
  • Ability to layout intermittent welds per drawing specifications prior to performing welds.
  • Perform simple fitting activities including layout and application of shear studs welded to structural materials.

Additional Expectations

  • Safety – Our basic philosophy is to not take chances – “No amount of personal risk is worth any amount of production.”
  • Quality – Focus on quality issues and errors and take the lead for eliminating the root causes for incorrect programs.
  • Communication – Interface with fitters, quality control, material handlers and painters to keep materials moving.


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