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Material Handler

SC Steel

Reports To

Fabrication Shop Supervisor

Purpose/Mission (Role)

Moves materials from pre-fabrication departments to fab shops in a safe and efficient manner.  Places materials for fit up in rough positions for fabricators.  Moves materials to fab shops based on shipping schedule and other priorities.  Expedites materials for quick shipment and rework due to quality issues.


  • Safety – Achieve the goal of zero accidents by using all protective equipment assigned and operating in a safe manner per SC Steel policies.  Suggest ideas to improve safety.  Report immediately all accidents and cooperate fully with all accident investigations.
  • Quality – Identify quality issues that could impact fabrication processes; in association with supervisor, determine the best corrective action, and implement corrective action.
  • Schedule – Meet delivery dates promised to customers by performing operations on time and in an efficient manner.
  • Efficiency – Minimize manufacturing costs by using time, materials, and equipment effectively.  Suggest ways to reduce costs and optimize efficiency.
  • Equipment – Maintain all tools, machines, and supplies in good, safe working order.  Report any issues or discrepancies immediately.


Pay will be established based upon the candidate’s individual qualifications and history of performance and pay.  Hourly Non-Exempt.

Minimum Requirements


High School Diploma or GED


Using overhead cranes


  • Ability to read and interpret bill of materials on Structural fabrication drawings.
  • Ability to distinguish different types of materials.
  • Ability to juggle multiple, competing priorities
  • Use of judgement to plan, perform, and make decisions as to the sequences of activities in order to maximize the throughput through the constraint.
  • Agrees with and subscribes to company values.

Desired Traits

  • Good mechanical aptitude
  • Organizational skills
  • Knowledge of the associated technical disciplines, including welding, machine operation, material identification, etc.
  • Self starter – able to work alone and in groups to accomplish goals.
  • Ability to interpret data to come to conclusions when all of the information is not available

General Tools Required

  • Tape Measures – 12ft-30ft
  • Hands-free tools

Specific Tasks Include

  • Kit Detail Material
    • Bring in detail material for main members
    • Place detail material near the final location on the mains – detail material may have to remain off of the beam in order for the fabricator to orient the main member prior to fitting.
    • Organize pieces for repetitive activities (i.e., truss connection material, embed plates & angles, etc.)
  • Bring in and spread main members
    • Bring in material by batch
    • Only bring in the amount of material that will fill an available space – a batch may take several moves to fully bring into the shop.
    • Track pieces as they come into the shop – assist in determining that all of the materials have been moved to the fabrication shop
  • Move materials in the shop
    • Assist fitters and welders to roll or position beams as necessary
    • Assist painter to move materials to the paint field as necessary
    • Assist fitters to rearrange work bucks as necessary to fit special cases (i.e., trusses)
  • Protect the constraint
    • Fitting and/or welding should be the constraint for the vast majority of situations.  Assist to maximize the throughput through the constraint.
    • Provide supplies and materials for the constraint:
      • Weld wire
      • Weld rods
      • Tags & wire for tags
      • Drawings (blow-ups)
      • Materials (weld tabs, etc.)
      • Compressed gas bottles
      • Bolts, studs & hardware
      • Drawings
      • Tools (hougan drill, etc.)
  • Other Duties as Required

Additional Expectations Include

  • Safety – Our basic philosophy is to not take chances – “No amount of personal risk is worth any amount of production.”
  • Quality – Focus on quality issues and errors and take the lead for eliminating the root causes for incorrect programs.  Act as a resource for receiving sublet materials
  • Communication – Interface with multiple resources including Pre-Assembly supervision, Plant Management, Purchasing, and Detailing to coordinate information and obtain documents
  • Coordinating with External Resources – Providing information to outside resources as necessary for sublet materials.
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